Rush Takes On CNN’s ‘Bigotry’ For Pointing Out That Las Vegas Victims Were Trump Supporters

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Talk radio show Rush Limbaugh blasted CNN for “bigotry” Tuesday, hammering the media and the left for politicizing the Las Vegas shooting.

Limbaugh played a clip of a CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny pointing out that many country music fans at the concert could be Trump supporters.

Limbaugh said, “What would you call that but bigotry? Identity politics has gone off the rails to such a degree that Jeff Zeleny at CNN identifies the concertgoers as Trump supporters.”

“Now, what Zeleny went on to say was that the reason that matters is that Trump knows that the people at that concert were probably his supporters, and so the theory is that Trump is gonna care more about Las Vegas because they were his supporters that got shot, as opposed to caring about other things. This is out there in the Drive-By Media. The reason Trump was somber, and the reason Trump attempted to make people sound like he cares,” he added.

This comes after Limbaugh blasted the left and the media for politicizing the Vegas shooting, saying, “the left is already, they are salivating trying to politicize this, and before it’s all over, it may end up having political motivations behind it. We don’t know.” (RELATED: Rush: The Left Is Already Politicizing Las Vegas Shooting)

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