TEARJERKER: Hero Who Saved 30 Lives In Las Vegas Recalls Getting Shot [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A tearjerker moment occurred on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” Wednesday as a man who saved 30 lives during the Las Vegas shooting recalled his experience that night.


“This was a horrific tragedy. And I think, not just myself, but even Officer McGrath who now I consider as a brother–to everyone else, that’s–this is what we should be doing. It didn’t matter what race I was. It didn’t matter what race anyone was at that time. All we seen was a human life. I’ll never forget that day. Or anybody else for that matter,” Jonathan Smith said.

Smith, who was caught up in the shootings Sunday, saved 30 lives. Officer Tom McGrath, who called into the program saved Smith’s life after he was hit by a bullet.

McGrath said about Smith, “It was a scary moment, but I remember just holding his hand and saying, ‘this is the time to fight.’ You made it this far and he’s fighter. He’s got that warrior mentality. He went into the gunfire. He saved, it could be more than 30 people. If it’s 30, then it’s 30. You know, he had that warrior mentality. He went back in there and that’s the type of mentality that got him through that. And what kept him alive.”

“We might have our story on CNN or whatever news outlet, but I think the bigger picture is when you look at the whole, nobody suffered alone. Everybody rallied together and wanted to have a purpose that night and I think people did,” McGrath said.

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