Watch The Hero Who Saved 30 People In Las Vegas Meet The Officer Who Saved Him [VIDEO]

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The man who saved 30 people during the Las Vegas massacre met the officer who saved his own life Wednesday during an emotional interview.

Jonathan Smith, a hero who saved at least 30 people as a fellow concert-goer, discussed his personal account of the event on CNN with Erin Burnett of “OutFront.

“Everyone’s been using that word — ‘hero.’ I’ve been saying it since the whole time I got home — I’m not a hero, I’m far from a hero. I think I just did what anybody would do,” said Smith, who took in two bullets, one in his arm and another in his neck.

Off-duty police officer Tom McGrath put his fingers into Smith’s bullet wound to stop the bleeding, assuring Smith he will be okay.

“I owe that man my life because from the moment I got hit, he was the first one to actually help me stop the bleeding,” added Smith, calling the officer his “brother.”


The two men communicated earlier by phone. The emotional segment led the two men to discuss their personal accounts of the horrific incident, reported Mediaite.

“Through this tragedy I remember, nobody suffered alone. When people were dying there was somebody there who was holding their hands or holding them in their arms, comforting them,” said McGrath.

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