OJ Simpson Was All Smiles For His Driver’s License Photo At The DMV


Jena Greene Reporter
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O.J. Simpson is a free man once again, and Friday he took another step toward liberation by getting a driver’s license.

Simpson showed up to his local Nevada DMV earlier this week to retake his driving test and snap a photo for the ID card.

The ex con has been free for less than a month but seems to be enjoying his new life in Nevada. O.J. was granted parole in early October and has been staying at a friend’s luxury gated home on a golf course in the meantime. (RELATED: O.J. Simpson Is Living Like A Kings Since His Release From Prison)

He’s been spotted buying his first iPhone, autographing sports memorabilia, and throwing back some cocktails at a local wine bar. Safe to say the Juice is loving life on the loose.

I just want to know what kind of car the Juice is going to drive. It seems that this one is already taken: