NHL Players Should Not Let Their Girlfriends Veto Their Halloween Costumes

(Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Toronto Maple Leafs players Matt Martin and Mitch Marner’s girlfriends vetoed the teammates’ planned Halloween costumes.

The plan was for Martin and Marner to dress as Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. Marner recently explained to the media how it all went down, and he didn’t seem overly pleased that they weren’t allowed to pull it off.

He eventually admits they just should have gone for it, and “maybe it would have worked out.”


What a soft move from these two. How, as two NHL players, do you allow your girlfriends to dictate a combo Halloween costume idea? What are their girlfriends going to do if they ignore them? Leave them? Seems highly unlikely. Even if they did, hockey players have no problem meeting ladies. Trust me on that point.

You also can’t admit you allowed your girlfriends to crush this idea. Your teammates will destroy you in the locker room for it. If you’re not going as your combo idea because if your girlfriends, then you need to find a different excuse.

One of the softest moves I’ve ever seen out of a pair of NHL players.

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