When Meghan McCain Said This Defending Trump Supporters, Other ‘View’ Hosts Busted Out Laughing

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain shut down her “View” co-hosts Thursday while defending President Donald Trump’s supporters. In response the other ladies busted out laughing.

“In 2011, he [Trump] said of [Barack] Obama, ‘how does a bad student go to Columbia and then to Harvard,” Whoopi Goldberg said during a panel discussion about whether or not Trump was a smart man. “Let him show his records.’ Well, if you’re actually who you say you are new guy in the office, show your records. Show us how smart you are.” (RELATED: Joy Behar Cracks Bad Trump Joke On ‘The View’)

“The important thing is, the reason why he’s so fascinating though is he says, ‘I’m so wealthy, I went to an Ivy League school,'” McCain said. “All these things, if Mitt Romney had maybe tried it maybe he would have been more successful just owning himself.”

“The hardest thing about all this for me is I want to know when did having an education become a negative,” Goldberg asked. “Because when I grew up education was everything. Education is what got you where you’re going. The idea that suddenly now you’re an elitist if you went to this college or if you went to this school or you have a thought that’s different from this. So many people have worked their behinds off to go to these schools that I don’t understand why — I know conservatives kinda use that a lot like it’s a bad thing and I don’t know why.”

“He [Trump] doesn’t speak like a politician,” McCain explained. “He doesn’t seem scripted. I think he speaks like the average American who is sick of being told what to do.”

“I think the average American speaks much better than Donald Trump does, honestly,” Sunny Hostin interjected.

“Listen, I feel you know, I know we have to move on,” McCain responded. “But I think trying to understand him and his voters is a lot more productive than just simply attacking him for being stupid.”

The co-hosts then busted out laughing and went to commercial.