Halloween After College Is Overrated

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Halloween becomes overrated after you leave college and enter the real world.

I loved Halloween in college. There was no better excuse to get up and drink with your friends than Halloween. Of course, I lived in Montana and Wisconsin. My costumes were always weather appropriate because it’s not fun freezing in negative five degrees at the end of October.

However, there were many heroes among us. Plenty of attractive women braved the cold temps and wore about as little clothing as possible. Halloween in Madison is truly a hell of an experience. There’s zero chance you don’t have blast.

Having said all of that, Halloween loses its appeal the older you get — mostly because it’s not held during the weekend. College parties started generally Wednesday or Thursday and carried through Sunday night/early Monday morning. That’s really easy to pull off because college classes are overwhelmingly a joke.

Not exactly the same when you’re 25, trying to take over the internet one day at a time, and Halloween is on a Tuesday night. It also turns out women get way more conservative with their Halloween costumes the older they get. The lack of quality female Halloween costumes for women above the age of 24 is truly a tragedy.

I think the reason so many people love Halloween the older they get is because it’s nostalgic. They live in the past instead of the present. They remember all the women and memories from Halloween in college, and they don’t realize how quickly Halloween declines the older you get.

Hate to burst the bubble of everybody out here, but I’m absolutely right.

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