CNN Analyst Credits Trump For Booming Economy [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN business correspondent Richard Quest gave President Trump credit for the booming U.S. economy, and said anyone who denies Trump’s contributions is being “mealy-mouthed.”


The latest jobs report revealed that the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.1 percent, it’s lowest level in 17 years.

“Is this the Trump effect?” CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked.

“In a word, yes,” Quest said. “You’ve got to give Donald Trump and the administration credit because they’ve created an element of confidence that built on the work that President Obama left behind, and that is all about the tax reform package, deregulation, the policies he is putting in place and promises to put in place.”

“It would be mealy-mouthed of anyone to deny a definite effect,” he continued.

Quest did also give credit to current Fed chair Janet Yellen, but closed his comments by again praising Trump.

“You can give credit to Donald Trump for so much so far…it’s on the back of many of the policies,” he concluded.

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