Cuba Gooding Jr. Has Some Words Of Advice For OJ

REUTERS/Jason Bean

Jena Greene Reporter
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O.J. Simpson hasn’t exactly been laying low since his prison release this summer.

He’s been spotted posing with models, ordering Bloody Marys, golfing, and just generally enjoying his new freedom.

On Wednesday night, he was thrown out of a Vegas hotel permanently for being drunk and disorderly.

The Juice was reportedly drinking at Clique Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel when he started to misbehave in the wee hours of the night. According to TMZ, he broke a couple of glasses and got into a fight with a bartender, who promptly threw him out and told him never to return.

TMZ caught up with Cuba Gooding Jr. to ask him about OJ’s recent display.

The actor told TMZ, “Unfortunately that’s his plight now. Everybody’s got cameras, everybody’s got phones, and you’re gonna have to be held accountable. Look at Hollywood right now. People with power…it’s like that Spider Man movie. With great power comes great responsibility. And you’ve got a lot of these people having to deal with these issues now.”

He’s got a point. With the almost daily outcropping of new sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood, stars are in for a rude awakening. It’s 2017 and everybody’s a witness now. If you’re famous and you messed around at one point, you better believe it’s gonna be on the news soon. Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey prove that nobody’s immune.

Before signing off, Cuba warned, “It’s just the beginning.”

At the rate things are going now, he’s probably right.