MSNBC Guest Refers To Himself As ‘Token Old White Fart’ Who ‘Repents’ Former Beliefs [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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A guest on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday referred to himself as a “token old white fart” who “repents his past right-wing stupidity.”


Author Frank Schaeffer said, “The healthy future is sitting around that table with you,” referring to the MSNBC panel.

He continued, “there are black faces there, white faces, asian faces. You’ve got one token old white fart here who repents his past right-wing stupidity. I look at what’s around your table and say if two lines were forming, I would be running in that direction. That’s the healthy, hopeful redemptive future.”

During the segment, Schaeffer also characterized white, Trump-supporting evangelicals as having something a “slave master theology” with “core racist beliefs.”

Schaeffer was formerly a right-wing conservative who became more liberal during the presidency of Barack Obama. He often leverages his past as a conservative Christian to attack the current Republican Party, even walking back his former pro-life stance.

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