It’s College Basketball Season — Time For An Insane Khalil Iverson Dunk

David Hookstead | Reporter

Wisconsin Badgers forward Khalil Iverson returned to his old tricks Sunday night against Yale and did his best to rip the rim off of the backboard.

Iverson is one of the most electric dunkers in all of basketball. If you see him coming towards the hoop, I’d really recommend just getting out of the way.

That is not what the Yale defense did. In fact, one player tried to step up, and Khalil soared to the rim for a powerful dunk.

I grew up in the basketball world, and it’s a fact that you don’t want to get yourself into the same situation as this Yale defender. Either get completely out of the way, or tackle the guy. It’s one of the most emasculating things that can happen in sports.

This also won’t be the last time we see this out of Iverson. The man is a highlight reel.

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