Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight Determines The Best College Athletic Program

David Hookstead | Reporter

Nate Silver’s website FiveThirtyEight recently revealed that the Wisconsin Badgers are currently the most successful athletic program in America.

A study was done on the downfall of Texas athletics, but the most interesting part had to do with a team in an entirely different conference.

FiveThirtyEight reported the following:

Currently, only Missouri ranks worse than Texas, and Missouri’s problems in and away from the sports world have been well documented (sorry to drag you into this, Mizzou fans). For more context, Wisconsin is currently the best two-sport school.

Greg Gard took the men’s basketball team to the Sweet 16 last season, and Paul Chryst’s football team is currently 9-0 and ranked No.8 in the College Football Playoff rankings.

I’d say I’m a little bit surprised, but that’d just be me lying. Wisconsin doesn’t have the best football or basketball teams, but they are somehow routinely near the top of both sports. That’s insanely rare in sports.

Even a school like Michigan State has off years, which was evident during the football season last year.

It certainly feels good to be a winner. I don’t ever want to know what it feels like to suck so bad that 538 is doing studies on why my team is awful.

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