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‘This Is Us’ Tells Viewers Vaping Is NOT A Gateway

This Is Us (NBC.com screenshot)

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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This Is Us” on NBC is easily one of the most popular shows on television. For those few of you have not seen the show, it centers on one family. It explores their relationships to each other and their lives throughout the years. Because the theme is so universal, “This Is Us” can hit home for millions of people.

Earlier this season, the show’s second season, “This Is Us” featured a scene about vaping. One of the show’s main characters, Kate Pierson, attends a weight loss group meeting. Kate becomes irritated when one of the group’s attendees explains how she started vaping and that “it is a gateway thing.” Kate responds, in front of the group, stating, “You’re complaining about vaping, VAPING!?” Then Kate continues to express her thoughts about what the other woman said: “The people who come here have problems, real problems with real issues.” Kate understands that vaping is NOT a problem. It is NOT a gateway, and it is not something to be put on the same level as overeating. The woman in the support group insinuated that vaping was her “current problem,” and Kate (rightly) laughed her off derisively.

This Is Us (NBC.com screenshot)This Is Us (NBC.com screenshot)

In a time when vaping is gaining momentum in popularity, even TV’s producers can’t ignore it. Writers are slowly adding vaping to the plots of shows. Millions of people vape. Just like people can relate to the Pierson’s family issues, people can relate to vaping. Just look at when a vaping scene became a sex scene on Showtime’s “SMILF.” For any smoker looking to quit traditional cigarettes, the option is now right in front of them at the center of the culture.

That the arbiters of pop culture have finally acknowledged vaping’s role in American life is a huge step forward. We vapers need to welcome Hollywood in our fight to keep vaping legal and available to all who choose to make it part of their healthy lifestyles. The addition of vaping to public consciousness is a positive thing and should help everyone learn more about this lifesaving technology.