ANOTHER ONE: Second Woman Accused John Conyers Of Sexually Harassing Her

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Another former staffer for Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers formally accused him of consistently sexual harassing her while she worked for him, according to a new report.

The former staffer said Conyers subjected her to unwanted touching on a daily basis, BuzzFeed reported, while Conyers’ wife called the staffer a “whore” and accused her of wanting an affair with the congressman. The staffer filed suit in February but dropped it after the judge denied her request to seal the complaint, according to BuzzFeed.

The newly public accusation comes the day after it was revealed that Conyers settled with another accuser in 2015 for more than $27,000 after he allegedly fired her for refusing his sexual advances. (RELATED: REVEALED: Top Democrat Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Money)

Sworn affidavits signed by four of his former staffers in connection with the 2015 settlement describe Conyers as a serial sexual harasser who would prey on his young, female staffers and pressure them to give him sexual favors.

One former female employee filed a complaint with the Congressional Office Of Compliance in 2014, alleging that she was fired for rebuffing Conyers’ sexual advances. It was that employee who eventually received a $27,111.75 settlement in 2015, in exchange for a confidentiality agreement. The congressman did not admit to fault as part of the settlement agreement.

Conyrers also allegedly abused taxpayer funds for his sexual pursuits.

“One of my duties while working for Rep. Conyers was to keep a list of women that I assumed he was having affairs with and call them at his request and, if necessary, have them flown in using Congressional resources,” one former Conyers staffer stated in an affidavit. Another staffer told BuzzFeed that Conyers used taxpayer funds to fly women into see him.

Those bombshell allegations came just days after it was revealed that the Congressional Office Of Compliance spent $17 million of taxpayer funding on harassment settlements, including for sexual harassment.

The House Ethics Committee announced an investigation into Conyers on Tuesday.

Even before the new allegation, House Democrats had called for an investigation into Conyers, the longest-serving member of Congress. As with Democrat Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, Democratic politicians have stopped short of calling on Conyers to resign. (RELATED: Dem Congressman Won’t Demand Franken Resignation Because His Accusations Are ‘Different’ From Moore’s)