FBI Investigating House Democrat For Paying His Opponent To Drop Out Of The Race


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The FBI is investigating Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady for conspiracy, false statements and campaign fraud in relation to payments his campaign allegedly made to 2012 primary opponent Jimmie Moore in order to persuade him to drop out of the race, court documents reviewed by The Daily Caller show.

FBI special agent Jonathan R. Szeliga filed a search warrant request on November 1 in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for all emails associated with Brady’s campaign email, BobCongress@Aol.com

Szeliga asserted he had “probable cause to believe that Kenneth Smukler, Robert Brady, Donald ‘D.A.’ Jones, Jimmie Moore, and Carolyn Cavaness and others known and unknown have committed violations” including charges of conspiracy, false statements, producing false records, causing false campaign contribution reports and violating limits on campaign contributions and expenditures.

Bob Brady Court Docs by Peter Hasson on Scribd

U.S. Magistrate Judge Carol Sandra Moore Wells signed the search warrant the same day, court records show. The search warrant was unsealed by the court last week, court documents show.

Seamus Hughes, deputy director of George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, first broke the news on Twitter.

Federal prosecutors announced charges last month against two of Brady’s political consultants, Kenneth Smukler and Donald Jones, in relation to the campaign finance probe.