Media Mocks Trump’s Turkey Pardon

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The media once again demonstrated their absolute disdain for President Trump by mocking anything and everything related to Tuesday’s turkey pardon.

The annual White House tradition is supposed to be a fun event right before the Thanksgiving holiday, but President Trump being in office seems to have robbed the media of any joy.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid admitted that she can’t see presidential traditions as “cutesy” when Trump does them because of the “legal, ethical and moral clouds over his presidency.”

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Brandon Pope, a reporter for WCIU Chicago, referenced Trump’s spat with LaVar Ball, writing that he hopes the pardoned turkey tells Trump, “Thank You.”

The senior White House correspondent for Ami Magazine implied that the pardon is silly in light of “murdering thousands of elephants,” even though the Trump administration decided to uphold the ban on “horror show” elephant hunting after hinting at rolling it back over the weekend.

Justin Kirkland, who says he writes for Esquire and USA Today, also referenced the LaVar Ball feud by imitating Trump’s tweeting style.

Blake Wexler, writer for Comedy Central, joked that Trump managed to find “the only white turkey,” implying that the president is racist.

Showing her absolute cleverness, Cheri Jacobus went back to jokes about Trump’s hand size, mockingly stating that her hand-drawn turkeys in Kindergarten were the same size as Trump’s hands.

The media did the same thing yesterday when White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asked reporters to state what they are thankful for, proving that people can turn anything from this administration into a scandal. (RELATED: Leftist Twitter Angry At Sarah Sanders’ Exercise In Thankfulness)

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