Black Friday Freak Outs: 2017 Edition [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

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Black Friday always brings out crazy brawls between strangers fighting over the last marked-down item — and 2017 proved to be no different. Here are some of the craziest videos from this year’s Black Friday.

Warning: The following video clips contain strong language.

1) Kmart Brawl

This one looks like it hurt. A LOT. Two customers get into it, and one quickly throws the other into a metal shelf and walks off with the merch.

2) Steam Cleaner Tug Of War

An angry elf, a well-meaning employee and an exasperated manager had to break up a tug of war between two Wal Mart customers struggling to pull an item away from each other. The world’s best (or possibly cheapest) steam cleaner was nestled next to some wireless vacuum cleaners and $10 electric griddles.

The manager sounds like a babysitter trying to deal with a rebellious toddler. “No. No. NO. You have to let go.” Nobody gets paid enough to deal with this.

3) Black Friday Reaches South Africa – BRACE YOURSELVES!

At this store, customers don’t even reach the merchandise before the melee starts.

4) Cops Break Out Tasers, Mace To Pass Out Electronics

It’s unclear who took the shocks, but the rapid clicking doesn’t sound too friendly. Are memory sticks really worth all of this trouble?

5) Alabama Brawl Shuts Down The Mall

This one happened before the stroke of midnight on Black Friday. Early birds showed up to the Riverchase Galleria in Alabama, but the number of fights that broke out forced the mall to close its doors early.

6) Toy Car Grand Theft Auto

At least we know that this toy car is built to take some damage. It’s like a Ford commercial — but more embarrassing.

7) Ukrainian Feminist Trashes Candy Store

A FEMEN activist in Ukraine protested Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko by trashing a candy store his company owns. According to the description of the video on LiveLeak, FEMEN calls on Poroshenko to “stop taking advantage of Black Friday’s consumer rush and fulfill his pre-election promise to sell his candy company.”