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The Vapesoul Vone Kit Includes A Bluetooth Anti-Lost Feature; But Is It Worth It?

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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The Vapesoul Vone Kit consists of a Vone mod, with a wattage potential of 230 watts and a Vone tank. The mod is powered by two 18650 batteries and has a full-color menu display screen.

But the feature that sets the Vone apart from other box mods is the Bluetooth anti-lost function. The tank is a sub-ohm style tank with a 2.5ml e-liquid capacity. It has a top-fill mechanism.

The reviewer in the video below has some mixed feelings toward the kit.

“The Bluetooth does not work,” he says. “I tried it with an iPhone 6s, X and iPad Mini. The Bluetooth starts to communicate and then it doesn’t. The device’s menu screen is nice but its not special out of the box WITHOUT the Bluetooth functioning properly.”

The video clearly shows the Vone not connecting to his iPhone’s Bluetooth. Hopefully, this is not a problem for all Vone Kits being sold, because this special Bluetooth feature would help if you misplace the mod and want to track it down.

You would also be able to press a button on the mod to cause your smartphone to ring, in case you misplace your phone.

That’s not the only downside the reviewer found, however. He noticed some scratches and marks on the mod upon taking it out of the box. This brings up a quality assurance issue. On a positive note, the screen is bright and clear with an HD color display, and multiple functions that you see in high-end mods.

He considers the Vone tank to be an average non-rebuildable sub-ohm tank, nothing special. In general, tanks of 25-26mm will fit atop the Vone. The tank that is included has a “pop and lock” mechanism for top-filling e-juice. We also learn that the drip tip is not replaceable; you can only use the one already installed.

Overall, the first impression of the Vone Kit is negative, for sure. But maybe, just maybe, this one kit is a pre-released version or a prototype edition, which also slipped through the cracks from inspection. But it is definitely worrying that a malfunctioning device would be sent out. How could this happen? Well, he actually did reach out to Vapesoul before doing this review and has not heard back from them about some of these issues. So some questions, for now, will go unanswered.

(Note: I checked other YouTube reviews and there were not any issues with the Bluetooth. But each review pointed out some different pros and cons associated with the kit, some subjective.)

Vapesoul Vone 230W Kit on sale for $69.90