CNN’s Chris Cillizza: Is Trump ‘Unaware Of How Words Mean Things?’

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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CNN’s Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cillizza could not contain themselves on “New Day” Wednesday while analyzing one of President Trump’s tweets in which he targeted New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.


“And there was no getting around that parenthetical suggestion of what Kirsten Gillibrand said she would do for campaign contributions, to the point where Chris and I were reading,” host Alisyn Camerota remarked. “We had to stop, just to each other like what, wait, is that what that’s saying?”

“As usual, Alisyn assumed I was making it up at first,” host Chris Cuomo said.

“It couldn’t be that explicit, I couldn’t believe it. But, so the idea that the White House says that our minds are in the gutter, that means either tone def, that’s the best possible reading of it, or they’re fudging this again, so that we don’t believe our own lying eyes,” Camerota stated.

“If it doesn’t have sexual innuendo to it then what does it mean?” chimed in CNN’s Chris Cillizza. “Is he just unaware of how words mean things?”

This is Trump’s tweet regarding Sen. Gillibrand that is the cause of such media upset:

Trump’s twitter activity is known for its abrasiveness, no matter the subject. The president has used similar language against other politicians and groups in the past whether they be male or female, including Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush.

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