Chuck Todd: ‘Slippery Slope’ To ‘Thought Police’ FBI Agents For Their Political Opinions [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said Friday that it was a “slippery slope” to “thought police” the political opinions of FBI agents.


On “MTP Daily,” Todd said, “By the way, this feels like a slippery slope, this thought police stuff–where does it end? Does that mean FBI agents are not allowed to have any political opinions?” (RELATED: Chuck Todd: Roy Moore Doesn’t Believe In Constitution Because He Thinks Rights Come From God [VIDEO])

Todd added, “They’ve done it to our industry, in absurd levels, and it was a campaign tactic. And now they’re doing it to FBI investigators.”

AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire added, “Making your opposition, or even in this case the observers, the press, part of the story…”

“Just like the FBI. The investigators. They’re not taking a side,” Todd said.

“But the Trump world, and and the right in particular–both sides have done this, but particularly the right and Trump world have soared of made the FBI or the press the story and used it to attack them and undermine credibility,” Lemire added.

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