Dennis Rodman’s Awesome Christmas Sweater Involves Trump And Kim Jong Un


Jena Greene Reporter
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If the current state of international politics has you a little concerned, or if you’re just looking to stir the pot at Christmas dinner, you’re in luck.

Because Dennis Rodman has released a Christmas sweater to bring the world together and solve all of our geopolitical problems.

For a cool $65, a colorful graphic Christmas sweater designed by The Dennis Rodman can be all yours. Dennis is in the middle, flanked by his two pals President Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Now there’s a lot going on in this sweater so let’s break it down.

Both country’s flags wave valiantly behind their respective leaders. Both men have their own Christmas trees too, which only makes sense because Christmas is for everyone. There are also two flaming basketballs, likely a nod to Dennis Rodman’s days as a pro. He may be a global figure now, but let’s not forget that Dennis balled in the NBA once upon a time. The word ‘UNITE’ is also stamped in varsity letters, indicating that President Trump and Kim Jong Un are uniting, united, or will unite in the future. I like to think of it as more of a command that Dennis Rodman is giving to the men.

Now since this sweater’s pretty busy, it’s easy to miss, but if you look below the neckline, Santa and his eight tiny reindeer launch into the wintry night, no doubt on their way to deliver presents to kids across the globe. This seems to be sending a strong message of hope and joy, likely because – as aforementioned – Dennis Rodman united these leaders and saved Christmas.

Rodman has indicated that the sweater proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warriors Project. He’s really in the spirit this year.