Mika Brzezinski Says She Knows ‘Men Who Won’t Hire Women Now’ Because Of The #MeToo Movement [VIDEO]

Joe Simonson | Media Reporter

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski warned about the consequences of the #MeToo movement Tuesday morning during the show.

“I know men who won’t hire women now,” she said. “Right now any woman can say anything, and a man’s career is ruined. Now, a lot of women can say things that are true, and [the men’s] careers should be ruined. But the problem is that any woman can say anything, and that’s it, it’s over. Is that how we’re running businesses now?”


Brzezinski caught the attention of guest and Daily Beast reporter Sam Stein, who called her comments “stupid”.

“Well, what would you do?” Brzezinski responded. “If someone could just say, ‘Sam touched me inappropriately.’”

Rather than address her concerns, Stein responded that the country needs “to have an atmosphere that is open to women coming forward.”

Brzezinski’s fiancee and co-host, Joe Scarborough, then defended her, describing a potential situation where Stein is accused of sexual misconduct for simply making a pass on a colleague during drinks.

“What happens 20 years from now where somebody says I worked with Sam Stein at the Huffington Post and we were having drinks one night and he put his hand on my leg?” said Scarborough, whose own romantic relationship with his co-host began in the workplace. “What happens in this environment, 20 years from now, you’re fired,” he said.

Scarborough and Brzezinski met on set of the popular MSNBC morning program. They both left their previous partners, with whom they both had children with, to get married this year.

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