Nancy Pelosi Freaks Out Over Tax Cuts – Gets Privilege-Checked By Michelle Malkin

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Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi went into full freak-out mode on Twitter as Republicans moved closer to passing its tax reform bill.

“Shamefully, Republicans were cheering against the children as they rob from their future and ransack the middle class to reward the rich,” Pelosi tweeted.

In response she was privilege-checked by conservative commentator and firebrand Michelle Malkin:

Malkin cited a report that found that Pelosi’s net worth was more than $68 million.

MSN says Pelosi’s net worth is $29.35 million, making her the 15th richest member of Congress.

Congress approved the tax reform package Wednesday, and President Donald Trump is planning to sign the bill in 2018. News reports have consistently misled the public on the legislation, though an independent policy group notes that the tax bill would provide cuts for more than 80 percent of America’s families. When the bill was passed, companies rained down cash and new benefits on their employees.