Mark Wahlberg Reportedly Has His Eyes Set On Directing A Major Sports Movie

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Superstar actor Mark Wahlberg reportedly wants to be behind the camera for the upcoming biopic about NBA star Caron Butler.

TMZ reported the following:

He’s already producing and acting in the movie — but now Mark Wahlberg is making a play to DIRECT his upcoming movie about the life of NBA star Caron Butler

Our sources say Wahlberg is very passionate about the project — and thinks it could be the perfect movie to make his directorial debut.

Wahlberg gave a clue during an interview with Collider, saying he has “one specific project” he’d love to direct … teasing “it takes place in Wisconsin. It’s a true story.”

And guess where Caron Butler grew up? WISCONSIN!!!

The entire interview with Collider can be seen here.

This is pretty big news. As somebody from Wisconsin, I can tell you that Butler’s story of going from a drug dealer to NBA star is known far and wide throughout the sports community. There are very few people on this planet capable of making that kind of turn around in their life. You’re lucky to just stay out of prison and lead a normal life if you were ever a drug deal, but Butler made himself a career in the NBA.

A movie about Butler would also be one hell of a big way to introduce yourself into the directing game, and I’m sure Wahlberg has more than enough to get it done. I’m pretty pumped about the idea of these two coming together to make a great sports movie about Butler’s early years and what shaped him.

Now we just need to find the man who will play the NBA star.

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