CNN Commentator: Trump Is ‘Dysfunctional And Dishonest And Disloyal And Dirty And Dumb’ [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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CNN commentator Paul Begala said Thursday that President Trump is “dysfunctional and dishonest and disloyal and dirty and dumb.”


Begala, appearing on “CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow,” said, “Foreign leaders are watching this. Our adversaries around the world are looking at — I want my president to succeed. The North Koreans are evil, the Iranians are evil, we do have enemies in this world. And this will embolden our adversaries, and it will frighten our allies.”

He continued, “This has a huge effect on our lives, and it’s not really about this person or that or this feud or that, it’s about the president. The reason the Trump White House looks dysfunctional and dishonest and disloyal and dirty and dumb is because the president of the United States is dysfunctional and dishonest and disloyal and dirty and dumb, and that’s the conclusion that adversaries are going to take, and allies, and I think it does tremendous damage to the United States.” (RELATED: CNN Commentator: America Was Built ‘By People Like Those Haitian Immigrants’ [VIDEO])

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