‘Lost’ Has Officially Been Taken Off Of Netflix – It’s A Sad Day

LOST (Credit: Screenshot/Netflix Video)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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“Lost” has officially left Netflix.

I’ve been trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for this day ever since I heard one of my favorite shows would be leaving the streaming service.

Still, I was a bit shocked and taken aback this morning when I popped open my computer, and saw that “LOST” was no longer a viewing option. It was a somber and sobering moment.

This show was incredible, and I don’t want to hear anything from the haters and losers.

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“Lost” kept me guessing, it kept me intrigued and most importantly, the show kept me very entertained. What more can you ask for?

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This show also had had one of the greatest and most tortured romance relationships we’ll ever see. Kate and Jack was something we were all cheering for, even if we knew it could never happen. There was just so much electricity between those two.

I guess my only option at this point is to just buy the entire series. I don’t see any other avenue for success, and I know that I need access to this show at a moment’s notice. It must be done.

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