CNN Guest Says Trump Is ‘Killing Us’ By Tweeting [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Democrat A. Scott Bolden appeared on CNN Friday and remarked that President Trump is “killing us” by tweeting.


Bolden said, “He likes the trappings of the presidency, which is why he’s not very good, but then you can’t even educate him on the Constitution because he’s so concerned with his image and ego that the depth and substance that comes from being the president and the leader of the Western world goes by him, and that’s dangerous.”

“He doesn’t know that the DOJ, the Department of Justice, is not his agency,” he continued. “He can’t use these agencies, federal agencies as his piggybank or his food bank or whatever he wants to use them for, and that’s a real problem for all of us as Americans.”

Conservative guest Carrie Sheffield said, “I have to disagree very strongly.”

“I thought you would,” Bolden said.

“He is preserving…” Sheffield said.

“I thought you would, but those are objective facts,” Bolden shot back.

“He’s preserving Western civilization by protecting us from the Pakistans, by stripping away the people who were harboring Osama bin Laden for a long time,” Sheffield said.

Bolden then said, “He’s killing us, he’s not protecting us. He’s killing us. Every day he’s killing us with his tweets. Stop it.”

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