House Dem Says Lindsey Graham ‘Looks Like A Man Possessed’ Over Dossier Questions [VIDEO]


Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee claimed Sunday that South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham “looks like a man possessed.”

Graham’s offense?

He dared to call for a second special counsel (in addition to Robert Mueller) to look into several issues related to the infamous Trump dossier, including how former British spy Christopher Steele disseminated the salacious report to journalists.

“Senator Graham looks like a man possessed,” California Rep. Eric Swalwell said in an interview on MSNBC when asked about Graham’s recent comments about Steele.

Numerous Democrats and liberal pundits expressed outrage on Friday after Graham joined his Senate Judiciary Committee colleague, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, in referring Steele to the FBI and Justice Department for investigation over his handling of the dossier. (RELATED: GOP Senators Refer Christopher Steele To FBI For Criminal Investigation)

During the presidential campaign, Graham was one of Trump’s staunchest critics. But he has since warmed up to Trump, stoking speculation that he hopes to win a cabinet position in the Trump administration.

Graham denied on Sunday that he is angling for a Trump cabinet post.

“No,” he said when asked the question on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Swalwell and his fellow House Intelligence Committee Democrats have battled Republicans on the panel over the dossier, which was funded by the Clinton campaign and DNC.

They have been frustrated with committee chairman Devin Nunes’ push to obtain bank records from Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that commissioned the dossier, as well as with subpoenas issued to the Justice Department and FBI.

“He was somebody who, you know, who I think understood who Donald Trump was when he was Candidate Graham,” Swalwell said of Graham.

“Now to see him just parrot these talking points that you’re seeing from Devin Nunes and conservative voices where it seems there’s no end or no floor of the FBI building they wouldn’t be willing to burn down just to advance the narrative of the president.”


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