Lawrence O’Donnell: There Were Fewer Stories To Cover In The Obama Era [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent
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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell claimed during a Thursday interview that he had a harder time finding stories to cover when Obama was president.


Late night host Seth Meyers asked O’Donnell if his show has changed since Trump became president, and O’Donnell explained that it’s easier in some ways because he knows he’s going to be covering something Trump-related every night.

“It’s easier and harder at the same time,” O’Donnell claimed. “The easier part is we know what we’re doing tonight. We don’t know exactly what the pieces are, but we know it’s the world of Trump.”

The MSNBC host argued that when Obama was president, there were fewer stories to choose from and his staff was often scrambling to find things to cover.

“You could go a couple years ago and, you know, by four-o-clock in the afternoon you’re sitting there going, ‘okay, we’ve got two, we need three more stories.'” he said. “Did anything happen?”

O’Donnell’s claim isn’t all that surprising considering he infamously called Obama the “most noble man” to ever be president. It might be hard to find something to cover if you think the president can do no wrong.

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