Trump’s Fake News Awards Got Monster Ratings

Peter Hasson | Reporter

He’s not hosting “The Apprentice” anymore but Donald Trump still gets good ratings.

The “Fake News Awards” that the Republican National Committee hosted on Trump’s behalf received over two million visits on Wednesday night alone, one RNC official told The Daily Caller. “At our peak, we had approximately 140,000 people clicking the link per second,” the official said, adding that the RNC still had thousands of people on the page as of Thursday evening.

The webpage crashed Wednesday night from the high volume of visitors, which was the most the RNC has ever had at once.

A follow-up email the RNC sent out asking Trump supporters to name their pick for the awards received hundreds of thousands of submissions and led to more than $100,000 in fundraising, according to an RNC source.

The RNC gave “awards” to news organizations who botched stories in 2017. CNN won big, taking home four awards, followed by the New York Times with two and a four-way tie for fourth place.

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