Mike Pence Addresses 45th March For Life [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Vice President Mike Pence addressed the 45th annual March for Life on Friday, telling attendees that the pro-life movement “continues to win hearts and minds.”


Speaking from the White House, Pence assured the marchers that President Donald Trump is the “most pro-life president in American history” and promised that the Trump administration will continue to protect unborn children.

“45 years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States turned its back on the inalienable right to life,” Pence said, referencing the Roe v. Wade court case. “But in that moment, our movement began. A movement that continues to win hearts and minds. A movement defined by generosity, compassion and love. And a movement that one year ago tomorrow inaugurated the most pro-life president in American history, President Donald Trump.”

Pence referenced the administration’s move to prevent funding of abortions in foreign countries as a major pro-life victory.

“This president has been a tireless defender of life and conscience in America. And today President Trump will do even more to defend the most vulnerable in our society,” Pence continued. “My friends, life is winning in America because love saves lives. And know as you March for life that your compassion, your persistence, your activism and your prayers are saving lives.”

“I believe with all of my heart, with your continued dedication and compassion, with pro-life majorities in the Congress, with president Donald Trump in this White House and with God’s help, we will restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law,” he concluded before introducing the president.

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