MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Is Still Trying To Make It In The Music Business [VIDEO]

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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MSNBC aired another Joe Scarborough single Monday morning, set it to footage of the Women’s March that occurred over the weekend, and effectively kicked off the week in the most awkward way possible.


“And speaking of volatile times and protest movements, we go to break with some of the powerful images from over the weekend as millions of Americans gathered in cities and streets across the nation for the 2018 Women’s March,” Mika said as she introduced the segment with Joe on the screen.

MSNBC then played Scarborough’s newest single, “Stand,” accompanied awkwardly by nostalgic video and photos of the weekend’s Women’s March.

The song is politically motivated, and in his own words, Scarborough said the inspiration for the song comes from “the Women’s March and dedicated to those who #Resist.”

Scarborough did not create a song for the March for Life, which occurred on Friday in Washington, D.C. and attracted thousands of pro-life men and women who marched from the mall to the Supreme court. The March for Life began in 1973 to protest the Roe v. Wade Supreme court case and has happened every year since.

The Women’s March began last year to protest the Trump administration, and this year it has morphed into a “power to the polls” movement. Ironically, even though the Women’s March supposedly stands for female empowerment amid the slew of other factional issues, Linda Sarsour, a figurehead of the Women’s March, was accused of ignoring alleged workplace sexual assault.

Other issues covered by the Women’s March that are seemingly irrelevant to general “women’s issues” are worker’s rights, civil rights including “race, gender, age, or disability,” disability rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice.

In order to be more inclusive this year, the women’s marched discouraged wearing the infamous pink pussy hats due to the fact that they excluded trans women.

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