Matt Drudge Slams Michael Wolff’s ‘Fabricated Bull***t’ — Trump ‘In Fine Form’

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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News giant Matt Drudge slammed author Michael Wolff on Tuesday for his depiction of President Trump in his book, Fire and Fury.

Wolff described Trump as mentally unwell and not wanting to be president, but Drudge cited a dinner he had with Trump while trashing Wolff’s book on Twitter as “fabricated bullshit.”

“Time to call out Michael Wolff and his fabricated bullshit! I had dinner with the president a few weeks ago and he was in fine form. He was optimistic, engaged, on top of the world, loving the job. And already talking about his 2020 re-election run!!” said Drudge, who runs the influential (and eponymous) Drudge Report.

Drudge’s tweet linked to a story from The Hill, which quoted Wolff saying Trump doesn’t want to be president. Wolff’s book is filled with errors and the author admitted that he doesn’t even know if parts of it are true.

You can purchase “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” over at Amazon