HEY LOOK! Senator Tammy Baldwin Is Back In Wisconsin. Must Be An Election Year!

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Leah Vukmir Wisconsin State Senator Candidate
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Now that it’s 2018, an election year, I would like to welcome Senator Tammy Baldwin back to Wisconsin.

For the last 25 years, whenever an election approaches, Sen. Baldwin seems to begrudgingly leave her elitist donors on the coasts for Wisconsin. Almost overnight, after months and months away from her constituents, she tries to trick us into believing she’s spent the past two decades in Washington representing us, as opposed to representing donors in California and New York who try to impose their agenda on the Badger State.

Senator Baldwin has made this deceitful campaign of tricking the people of our great state her focus. Wisconsin deserves better, and voters won’t fall for it again.

This time around, the recently passed Republican tax bill provides voters with the perfect opportunity to hold Senator Baldwin and her Democrat colleagues accountable for their unwillingness to do what is right for the millions of Wisconsinites and Americans they claim to represent.

Senator Baldwin and her colleagues in Washington were given a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reform an outdated, broken and costly tax code that discouraged job growth and investment in America, failed to reward the middle-class or boost economic growth, and lined the pockets of Washington D.C. special interests, all at the expense of hard-working citizens and small businesses. She claims to support a “Buy America” philosophy, but her actions speak louder than her empty words.

Instead of doing the right thing and voting for legislation that would have improved the lives of so many whose voices she is supposed to represent in Washington, Senator Baldwin did what she has done so often during her almost 30 years in public office: She played politics with the well-being and wallets of Wisconsin citizens. It was a desperate attempt to score cheap political points — and not so cheap campaign contributions — from her radical, far left supporters in faraway states.

Here in Wisconsin, it is estimated that a family of four will receive more than $2,500 per year in tax relief from the bill Senator Baldwin voted against. That extra $200 plus per month might not mean much to the liberal millionaires from New York and California whom she relies on to bankroll her campaigns, but it could change the lives of folks from Beloit to Superior, and everywhere in between.

Given the senator’s long history of only supporting policies championed by the far left and the coastal elite, it is no surprise she voted against a tax bill that will help so many Wisconsinites. In fact, she proudly joined large numbers from California, New York and New Jersey’s Congressional delegations in voting against more money in the pockets of Wisconsin families.

I have no doubt that Ms. Baldwin will soon be back to embark on one of her semiannual election-year tours, masquerading as “Wisconsin’s” senator. As she travels our great state, she ought to take the time and ask voters what they think about the extra income they’re receiving as a result of the tax bill. Senator Baldwin won’t like the answer, but least she’ll know a little bit more about the people of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir is a nurse, military mom and conservative with a proven record of reform. She currently serves as a state senator from Brookfield, Wisconsin.

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