Dude Talking Trash To Security Guard Gets Bodyslammed Into The Next Dimension [VIDEO]

John Wellington Digital Content Manager
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Two unidentified men walked into a restaurant and began shouting at a security guard, who then instantly body-slammed one of the men into the floor, a video posted Friday to LiveLeak shows.


The video shows two men walk into a restaurant and make a scene. Shortly thereafter, the security guard grabs one of them, bashes their head against a hostess stand, and delivers arguably the most devastating body slam of all time. The only thing that could make this video any better would be if WWE commentator Jim Ross were there to yell “somebody stop the damn match!”

The lesson here: don’t write checks your mouth (or in this case, head) can’t cash. Is there anything more satisfying than watching some cocky kid get his ass handed to him seconds after talking a big game? I mean, he got knocked out COLD. I think the funniest aspect of this video is the fact that the person filming it added the most unfitting snapchat filter possible.

That body slam would make Hulk Hogan’s heart swell with pride. Which reminds me … Vince McMahon, if you are watching this, please consider this an official tryout video. This man NEEDS to be in the new XFL.

Let’s go to the replay:

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John Wellington