Rep. Gaetz Blasts ‘Tremendous Bias’ Of Mueller Probe On CNN [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” Monday and accused Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe of “tremendous bias.”


“You have said that special counsel Robert Mueller, who of course is a Republican should be fired because he’s hired some top investigators who are Democrats,” Tapper said. “By that same logic, could it not be said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who is a clear Republican, has given money to Republicans, or FBI director Christopher Wray, who is a Republican and has only given money to Republicans, they support the president–is their fairness at question because they’re Republicans as opposed to these Democrats that you’re questioning?” (RELATED: Rep. Gaetz: ‘I Believe There Are People Who Will Go To Jail’ Over Classified Intel Report [VIDEO])

“Well Jake, I would take some exception with your premise,” Gaetz said. “It’s not my belief that Robert Mueller should be fired simply because people on his team have viewpoints, or even that people have just made political contributions. My concern is that the bias that any person could bring to any job actually seem to manifest in this case in a conspiracy to undermine the president of the United States.”

Tapper shot back, “How?”

Gaetz said, “Well, you have Pete Strzok and Lisa Page talking about an insurance policy, talking about meeting in ‘Andy’s office’ to discuss those things…”

“Right, and Strzok was removed,” Tapper said.

“Right, but before that removal, he was interviewing Mike Flynn. He was engaged in other investigative activity,” the congressman replied. “And you have people currently involved in the Mueller probe that like, defended the Clinton Foundation. With all the talented prosecutors we have in our federal system, why you would go and include people who previously represented an entity that has such a close tie to one of the participants in the 2016 election is beyond me. So I think that there’s really a mosaic of evidence here, not one particular donation or one particular party affiliation that illuminates tremendous bias that should stop this probe from going forward.” (RELATED: As 2017 Wraps Up, Mueller’s Probe And Trump’s Successes Continue)

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