Bernie Sanders: It’s An ‘Outrage’ That Trump Didn’t Talk About Climate Change At SOTU

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said in a speech Wednesday that it was an “outrage” President Trump didn’t talk about climate change during his State of the Union address Wednesday.


“If you go to the scientific community, and you say to them, ‘What is the major global crisis that we face?’ The vast majority of them will say it is climate change, and they will say that it is absolutely imperative and a life-and-death issue that we have got to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to sustainable energy,” Sanders said.

“And yet, Donald Trump spoke last night for over an hour. He talked about many things. But somehow he forgot to mention the words ‘climate change.’ What an outrage.”

During Trump’s speech Tuesday, he stood up for the national anthem and the American worker.

“We will work to fix back trade deals and negotiate new ones and they will be good ones, but they will be fair and we will protect American workers and american intellectual property through strong enforcement of our trade rules,” he said. (RELATED: Trump Puts The World On Notice: ‘The Era Of Economic Surrender Is Over’ [VIDEO])

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