Trump Turns Guns On Kasich For Losing In 2016 And Criticizing Him

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Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump took aim at former primary challenger Ohio governor John Kasich in a speech before members of the Republican National Committee Thursday evening, Politico reports.

Trump reportedly mocked the Ohio governor for his dismal performance in the 2016 Republican presidential primary and for going on television and criticizing him. Kasich has long been a foil for Trump in the Republican primary and is in the midst of a new book tour which has brought him new media prominence.

Kasich frequently takes aim at Trump on matters of immigration policy or his personal conduct.

“These comments are inappropriate, and frankly the party ought to say it’s inappropriate,” Kasich said recently of the president allegedly calling countries like Haiti “shitholes.”

The Ohio governor has kept the door open about running in the 2020 Republican primary against Trump.

“As to whether I would do something like that again?” he said in a recent interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo. “If I felt my country called me and it was practical, I’d have to very seriously think about it.”

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