Gowdy Blames Rosenstein For Broad Mueller Investigation

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy blames Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for the broad purview of the Russia investigation, he revealed in a Fox News interview on Tuesday.


Fox News host Martha MacCallum noted that special counsels often go beyond their initial focus and asked Gowdy if he had fears of that happening with Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“You have seen special councils in the past leave their purview and the investigation goes on for a long time, the next thing you know, you are investigating a Monica Lewinsky case when the president didn’t even know her when the special counsel began his work. You don’t have any fear of that here?” MacCallum asked.

Gowdy said that the Mueller investigation has already wandered away from it’s original intention, but he doesn’t blame Mueller — rather, he blames the person who set the purview for the case.

“Do I have fear that jurisdiction may wander a bit? I think it already has,” he responded. “It has already wandered a little bit. But I would not blame Bob Mueller. I would blame whoever drafted the jurisdiction and the charter that empowered him. If you look at it, it says matters that may arise from the investigation. What the heck heck does that mean? Is that a bank robbery in Topeka, Kansas?”

MacCallum questioned if Rosenstein was the one who wrote that language, and Gowdy confirmed that detail.

“And that language came from Rod Rosenstein?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Gowdy said bluntly.

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