Former Sabres Owner Refusing To Pay Taxes Due To Goose Poop

(Photo by Tom Brenner/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Billionaire businessman and former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano is refusing to pay his local taxes because goose droppings have made his property unlivable.

According to TIME, the 76 year old owes the state of New York over $90,000 in taxes but says he will withhold the payment until the issue is handled by the state.

“This past summer it was horrible. We’d drive in and find 100 to 200 geese parked on our lawn,” said the mogul, whose net worth is a cool $3.4 billion. “You can’t walk barefoot, can’t play Frisbee, can’t have your grandchildren run around. Here I am paying all this money in taxes and I can’t use my property because of the geese droppings.”


I’d really like to observe a moment of silence for this poor guy. It’s not like he has the money to hire a cleanup crew or perhaps a long-range rifle to pick these geese off one by one. It must be a real pain to have to retreat to your expensive lake house with your tennis star wife and not be able to walk through the lawn barefoot.

The sad thing about this is that he’ll probably win. $90,000 in taxes isn’t anything to sneeze at and the state of New York is so damned poor they need all the funds they can get — 98 percent chance they cave. I’m calling it now. Bonus points if he gets Gov. Cuomo to come down and pick up the goose poop personally.

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