‘Molly’s Game’ Is An Outstanding Movie

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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I finally found some time to head to the theater to watch “Molly’s Game,” and the movie didn’t disappoint.

The movie follows real life skier Molly Bloom, played by the incredible Jessica Chastain, as she orchestrated massive private poker games for some of the biggest high rollers on the planet. Most of the film takes place after her arrest by the FBI for allegedly being involved with Russian mobsters through her private games.

Bloom’s life story is one that deserved to be told, and Aaron Sorkin knocked it out of the park. She was one of the best skiers on the planet and turned into a poker kingpin. It’s almost too much to even believe it happened, which is why the story is so fascinating.

Viewers also get an inside look at the world of private poker. Now, I’ve never played in a high stakes private game. Most private games I’ve ever been involved in usually involve less than $100 buy in, and it’s just about having some beers while hanging out. Nothing too serious, but a friend of mine has played in games like the ones “Molly’s Game” covers. You’re talking about six figure buy-ins, armed guards inside and outside the room, millions in cash on hand, blast and breach resistant doors, one entrance and exit, and security cameras rigged throughout the entire place. The games sound absolutely nuts from everything I’ve ever heard about them, and the movie portrays such high level poker in a great way.

You could just feel the tension throughout the movie as pots worth $500,000 were just casually tossed around.

Bloom is obviously a very smart individual. You don’t build a multi-million dollar empire with private poker games unless you have some serious brains. Chastain is overwhelmingly convincing as the brainiac behind the whole thing.

My hopes for this movie were sky high, and they weren’t let down even a little bit. I give “Molly’s Game” a very solid 8/10. Go see it.

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