Johnny Manziel Opens Up To ‘Good Morning America’ About His Struggles With Alcohol

David Hookstead | Reporter

“Good Morning America” released a preview of its interview with Johnny Manziel, and it looks fascinating.

The short clip shows the Texas A&M Heisman winner talking about his struggles with alcohol and his well known partying lifestyle.

The full interview must be nuts. It’s crazy to think we’re years removed from Johnny Football winning the Heisman, and now he’s opening up about his issues with booze.

Maybe this is the clearest sign yet that he’s headed in the correct direction. As a football fan, I think I speak for everybody when I say that we all want him to be healthy. As I wrote earlier, it doesn’t really matter to lots of fans if he plays again or not.

The young man lit the world of football on fire when he was at Texas A&M. We should all just hope that he finds himself back in the spotlight for the right reasons. I am certainly cheering for him. There’s nothing more American than a great comeback story.

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