Sarah Sanders: Obama’s Stimulus ‘Jobs Were Never Completed’

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Sarah Sanders let loose a zinger about former President Barack Obama’s stimulus package during Monday’s White House press briefing.


“On infrastructure. Infrastructure is about jobs, job creation, and you’re talking about rural America,” reporter April Ryan asked. “When you’re talking about these jobs, are there going to be guidelines as to who can and who won’t be hired?”

“Not that I’m aware of anything to that nature,” Sanders replied. 

“A lot of the infrastructure projects, during Obama years…a lot of those jobs went to Hispanics,” Ryan pressed. 

“A lot of those jobs were never completed or started,” Sanders snapped. “They were announced but nothing ever happened. We’re expecting a very different result, to actually announce and complete projects versus just announcing and doing nothing.”

President Barack Obama infamously admitted to The New York Times in 2010 that there is “no such thing” as a “shovel-ready” job like the ones he promised in his stimulus package.

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