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Do you often travel for work or pleasure? Are you sick and tired of carrying around a bunch of keys or memorizing a pesky combination just to keep your luggage safe? With the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock, you can ditch those hassles by picking up a Bluetooth lock that opens with a single tap from your smartphone.

Here is how it works. Just install the AirBolt app on your smartphone, whether it runs on iOS or Android. Then, pair it with your smartphone through Bluetooth and add a backup code, so you can unlock the device even if you are without a phone. Last but not least, lock your luggage and away you go!

Normally $80, this travel lock is 31 percent off

Normally $80, this travel lock is 31 percent off

AirBolt Smart Travel Lock on sale for $54.99

Even better, this water-resistant smart lock comes packed with other helpful features. Crowdsourced location tracking makes keeping track of your luggage a breeze while proximity alerts let you ping your luggage for complete peace of mind. Plus, AirBolt provides total maximum control and transparency.

Meaning, it enables you to share access with family and friends as well as access a history that informs when it has been unlocked. Coming in Cape Cod Grey, Bondi Blue, Monza Red, Persian Pink, and Amazon Green, this flexible, feature-rich smart lock is also TSA compliant.

Grab the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock for $54.99, 31 percent off its original price, in The Daily Caller Shop.

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