Alisyn Camerota Tries To Bait Shooting Victim Into Attacking GOP

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota tried to bait a Parkland shooting victim into attacking the GOP for not legislating gun control during a Wednesday morning interview.


Camerota started out by asking the student if he took issue with Florida state lawmakers “prioritizing” other issues over gun control, and declining to pass a ban on assault weapons.

“Kyle, did you understand what happened yesterday in terms of their priorities?” she asked. “Look, access to pornography online can be seen as a public health problem that lawmakers should tackle. But did you understand them prioritizing that over gun violence?”

The student responded by chalking it up to a “procedure issue” and said he wanted to look forward and “hit home specifically on what we can reasonably accomplish.”

Camerota again tried unsuccessfully to get the student to attack Republican governor Rick Scott.

“Very quickly, do you think the governor is open to hearing that and to taking action on those things?” she asked.

“I really think he is,” the student said diplomatically. “If he’s in favor of the American people, he will definitely take into account all sides of the argument, look at it fairly., and then choose to move forward with what he believes.”

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