Meghan McCain Grills Jemele Hill: Is Ben Carson A ‘White Supremacist?’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Controversial ESPN commentator Jemele Hill went on the View Wednesday, and that made for some amazing television.

Co-host Meghan McCain asked Hill about her hyper-polarizing comments towards Donald Trump. This summer, Hill tweeted that Trump was a “white supremacist” and was surrounded by “white supremacists.”

McCain asked if Hill still stands by what she said and if she thought that “all president Trump supporters are white supremacists?”

Hill said she did still “stand” by what she tweeted but that “I don’t think his supporters are white supremacists.” Hill said as “a woman of color” she was impacted by Trump’s actions differently and that “in this moment it feels like people of color are under attack.”

McCain wondered if Hill would classify Ben Carson, the World renowned neurosurgeon who serves as Trump’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary, as a ‘white supremacist?’


“What would you say to a Ben Carson who is working in the administration and who is obviously not white – would you consider him a white supremacist?” McCain asked.

“No. I wouldn’t,” Hill answered. “I wasn’t talking about Ben Carson. I think we know the names…”

“He works in the administration,” McCain shot back.

“He does. I didn’t say he’s surrounded by all — obviously Steve Bannon, I can go down the list of people who have at least played footsie with white supremacism.”