Meghan McCain Tries To Explain Guns To ‘The View’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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ABC’s ‘The View’ tackled the Florida school shooting on Thursday and cohost Meghan McCain tried really hard to explain the differences between guns to her cohosts.


The hosts insisted that something needed to be done about the shooting and threw out various proposed policies like banning bump stocks or getting rid of AR-15s. Whoopi Goldberg and McCain got into one heated exchange about whether McCain and the NRA hold the same positions on guns.

McCain tried to inject some expertise into the debate, noting that attendees at CNN’s town hall on Wednesday cheered for a ban on all semi-automatic weapons.

“Last night in the town hall the crowd was cheering for the removal of all assault weapons anywhere which is a big different between assault weapons and bump stocks,” she said. “It’s a completely different thing than a semi-assault rifle.”

The cohosts quickly descended on McCain and seemed to argue that she was being insensitive to the raw emotions of the shooting victims.

“7,000 people there in a community that is raw from a crime that just cost 17 innocent lives,” guest host Ana Navarro said. “They are there and they are venting their emotions. That place was full of students… You can’t ask them to be restrained.”

McCain rebutted that while the children may be emotional, there is no excuse for the way they treated NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch during the town hall.

“I felt like if we are going to have a respectful conversation between Second Amendment right supporters and people who are on the complete opposite side we can’t be yelling you’re a murderer,” she concluded.

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