Trump Puts MS-13 On Notice — ‘We Are Getting Them Out By The Thousands’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Trump put the violent Central American gang MS-13 on notice Thursday.


“MS-13, I see there were a couple of commentators saying oh, MS-13, who talks about that?” Trump asked during a White House roundtable. “That is only talked about on Fox. No that’s not only talked about on Fox, that’s talked about in communities, where they are killing people. Not necessarily with guns because that is not painful enough. This is what they think. They want to do it more painfully, and slowly. So they cut them up with knives.”

“They don’t use guns, they use knives because they want it to be a long, painful death, to people had no idea this was coming,” POTUS continued. “And we’re getting them out by the thousands. Putting them in jail, and we’re getting them out by the thousands.”

“And our people from ICE, and our Border Patrol people are much tougher than they are. That is the only thing they understand, by the way, is toughness, they don’t understand niceness. They understand toughness. And our people are much tougher. They go in there, they grabbed them by the neck.” (RELATED: Jeff Sessions Slams MS-13 In Speech — ‘Let’s Crush This Bunch’)
“There are no games being played.”