Tucker Interviews Shooting Survivor Over CNN Scripting Questions

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed Colton Haab, a survivor of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Thursday, and the student revealed how CNN does business.


“I just want to make sure I have this straight,” Carlson said. “So you sent them a long, in effect, essay on what you thought, but they put their own words in the question and they weren’t the same as the words you had sent in? They were the producer’s words?”

“Absolutely,” Haab said. “They had taken what I had wrote and what I had briefed on and talked about and they actually wrote the question for me.”

“But not with your words, I mean they put their own words into your question, even after they asked to you send questions in. But that seems dishonest,” the Daily Caller co-founder said.

“It definitely did. That’s kind of why I didn’t go last night. Originally I had thought that it was going to be more of my own question and my own say and then it turned out to be more of just a script. And she had actually said that over the phone I needed to stick to the script.”

“That’s remarkable” Tucker said. “Did you watch last night?

“I watched a little bit of it. I kind of felt like I didn’t really need to because I knew as soon as what had happened with me that it was going to be more scripted and wasn’t actually going to be actual questions. Then I didn’t feel the need to fully watch it,” Haab said.


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