Van Jones: ‘African-American Kids Are Not Spraying Up The Whole School’


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CNN host Van Jones said Thursday that Republicans don’t come up with “smart” solutions to mass shootings because he says school shooters are disproportionately white.

“I don’t understand why, on this issue, we can’t come up with anything smart or creative,” said Jones, a former Obama adviser.


“When Muslims do something and shoot people, you guys have 1,000 policies — ban them all, whatever, whatever. When Mexicans do something — build a wall. Black kids do something — more cops, more prison,” he continued. “These white kids keep doing the same stuff, it’s thoughts and prayers and nothing else smart.”

“So I think if you’re going to talk, African-American kids are not spraying up the whole school. There’s something that’s happening with a particular demographic of kids and we’re not being smart and aggressive and creative about this particularly alienated demographic of kid.”


Left-wing outlet Slate has found that white people are actually underrepresented among mass shooters, although their analysis dealt with mass shooters more broadly, rather than with school shooters specifically.